Business Tax Free concept of Business Tax Free itself suggests a widely known opportunity to refund the VAT for the purchases made abroad on the Tax Free Shopping system. In fact it means the opportunity for the companies to refund the VAT included in noncommercial charges.

If your company visits Czech Republic: business trips, educational programmes, organization of sports and cultural activities then Business Tax Free is for you.

You can refund the VAT from the following: rent of premises and exhibition areas, contract works, participation in forums, exhibitions and educational activities, consulting and legal services, using motor transport, accommodation and meals. From these and other services you can refund from 5 up to 17 % from the sum of charges depending on the VAT rate and the sum of the return.

Conditions for the business VAT refund

  1. You should be a VAT payer in your home country, i.e. your company must be a registered VAT payer in any country except for the Czech Republic, including the EU.
  2. Your company can not have an office in Czech Republic, i.e. your company can not have a fixed establishment in Czech Republic.
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