Tax Free in Czech Republic and Slovakia

VP Tax Free accepts all the tax free forms you received on the territory of Czech republic. 

Where to get a tax refund.
You can get your tax refund even before getting customs stamps in the centre of Prague: Opletalova 4 and Celetna 3.

You can as well get your refund in the airports:


Why it is better to receive the tax refund in the city then in the airport.

The refund amount is higher in the city.

Tax Free in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Welcome to the world of Tax Free shopping with VP Tax Free! If you are planning to do some shopping in Europe while in Europe, donʼt forget to return a part of the money spent with Tax Free service. That is also called return of VAT to foreign tourists. The right to compensation may be used by anyone who has residence permit out of the EU.

VP Tax Free – The operating company which helps tourists or visitors on business trips, to get a refund of VAT from the goods purchased on the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In order to take better care of our customers, we focus on the quality of goods and service in shops, where we are providing tax free services, carrying out monthly survey of our clients of the best, in their opinion stores, to inform the visitors of Czech Republic and Slovakia where it is better to make purchases.



Our main advantages

  • Company logo on the door of the shop – is a guarantee of quality of goods and service.
  • VP Tax Free company is strict with its obligations to customers. The amount of reimbursement is 15 percent – which means that you get exactly 15 from 21% of VAT without any deductions and commissions. Our company has made the VAT refunds a transparent process. You can always check the currency exchange rate on the official website of Raiffeisen Bank.
  • Only we provide the possibility of obtaining the VAT refund in cash in more then 100 000 places all over the world.
  • Here you can get the returned amount in cash before receiving the customs stamp.
  • Lots of ways to get VAT refund: cash money transfer, bank transfer and PayPal.

Tax Free system was invented more than 50 years ago in Sweden to stimulate retail sales. At the legislative level foreign tourists became equal to export companies, so they could get the VAT back.

Logics of the creators of Tax Free were very simple: shopping – is mandatory point of the trip, so it is advisable to make it as comfortable and attractive as possible! In many European countries on the doors of the store you can see the Tax Free icon. This means that the aliens are here to serve the tax-free service. Making a purchase for an amount not below the law, after departure from the European Union, you can get a piece of the amount paid for the goods.

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